TRAPEAZE Solution >> For 1952/1953 Gibson Les Paul
Made in England

TRAPEAZE 59 years in the waiting !
Guitar players and collectors are well aware
that 1952 and early 1953 GOLD TOPS
with the infamous trapeze tailpiece
are basically unplayable.

The TRAPEAZE solves all the problems of these early guitars:

  1. Strings wrap over the bridge
    String muting with the palm is made much easier.
    Bridge feels smooth & comfortable.
  2. No modifications to the guitar are required,
    insuring the maintained value of the guitar.
  3. Fine tuned tailpiece ensures accurate
    intonation on all six strings.
  4. String vibration is transferred to the guitar
    as a result of the pressure from the strings
    wrapping over the bridge.
  5. Quick and easy to install,
    simply remove screws from existing trapeze
    and replace it with the TRAPEAZE,
    restring and adjust height to your preference.
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           "What a brilliant idea !
It only took 60 years to finally make it right.
        Simply AMAZING !"
Rick Nielsen
Rick Nielsen with Trapeaze Rick Nielsen with Trapeaze again
Made in England

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